Description Of The Latest Madden Franchise – Madden NFL 18

Experience Madden like never before! The spectacle of the NFL game day comes to life through our most photorealistic graphics engine to date. MUT Squads Join forces with your friends and create the ultimate team of NFL stars before you compete with your team online against the competition. Madden NFL presents Longshot. Longshot is Madden NFL’s first full-fledged and playable story mode. Staged by the magnificent Frostbite engine, you slip into the skin of Devin Wade, a once-hopeful up-and-coming talent who wants to make it to the NFL draft.


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Thanks to the Frostbite engine Madden NFL 18 graphically makes a giant leap forward. Stunning new stadium designs await you, surrounded by vast cityscapes. Experience the NFL spectacle on match day in this ultra-photo-realistic game up close. Play every encounter the way you want it. Choose from three new game variations or play every week in Play Now Live the most interesting games in the real world! Introducing even more gameplay in combination with your favorite modes (Madden Ultimate Team and Franchise), you’ll experience Madden like never before.


  • POWERED BY FROSTBITE Experience Madden like never before.
  • Stunning new stadium designs await you, surrounded by vast cityscapes. Experience the NFL spectacle on match day in this ultra-photo-realistic game up close. With mesmerizing fireworks, player appearances and breathtaking weather effects, you’ll experience Madden like never before. THIS WAS ONLY THE FIRST HIGHLIGHT.
  • PLAY NOW LIVE! Play the most interesting NFL games in the real world every week!
  • Play with your favorite team or play the most interesting match of the week thanks to live updates with up-to-date lineups, custom comments and the latest stats, before you continue your own season through Play Now through to the Super Bowl.


  • Target Passing: For the first time you do not necessarily have to throw on the free-standing wide receiver. Play who you want. Throw the ball to an exact spot on the field. Free Pass gives you – and only you – the ultimate control over where to land the ball.
  • Play Styles: Play the game the way you want, and choose from three new and unique Play Styles that allow you to take advantage of your strengths every time you encounter them:
  • Arcade: Action-packed gameplay with spectacular moves and touchdowns and limited penalties.
  • Simulation: Real player and team ratings with authentic gameplay and official NFL rules.
  • Competitive: Your skills on the controller are crucial here. Earn harsh rewards or fierce penalties.
  • Coverage Assignment: Thanks to a real-time user interface, you’ll always have an eye on your defensive cover assignment and know what to do in terms of passport coverage.
  • Coach Adjustments: Customize the AI to your game plan and make any changes to your strategy at any time, as your game requires.


  • MUT Build your ultimate team of current NFL stars and legendary players of the past and lead them to victory on the field.
  • Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is an immersive mode where you can build your own NFL team of your favorite past and present NFL players. Complete games, earn rewards, and improve your team with daily interesting and fun content updates, including legendary NFL players only available in MUT. Keep your squad constantly on the go to reach elite status and build your own Ultimate Team dynasty. That was not all that long ago.
  • FRANCHISE Create your dynasty.
  • Play full match matches a week or work through a season faster by only taking offense or defense or intervening at crucial moments in a game. Take the reins and take control of the management of your team. Sign up for free agents, trade players, take care of the scouting and the draft, because by making decisions you’re shaping your dynasty. Compete against other players in an online league format and win the title. With the Madden Companion app, you can even manage your franchise on the go on your smartphone.

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