Madden NFL 18: Longshot Is A Four-Hour And Interactive Story Mode

In this year’s Madden 18, every year, the series tries to do better, with a reworked graphics engine, new online modes and a story modes, Longshot may be what we call the story mode. In addition, the series has been dominant for almost 30 years now, with some years better than others for improvements.

Madden 18

The biggest addition of all is Longshot, the new story mode. In this mode, you play the role of a forgotten prospect, Devin Wade, a high-school quarterback who hasn’t played in three years. Now, Wade is making one more attempt at hearing his name called out on draft day. It’s an idea that Longshot does an even better job of presenting. U4GM have been unrelenting efforts to offer cheap madden 18 coins to you.

Having being said, Longshot is a four-hour, interactive story, in which you make decisions based on quick-time events and play selective elements of football matches to progress the story. Longshot is a thoroughly enjoyable new way to play Madden, but it also serves as a beginner’s guide to the sport – a dramatic introduction to its lore and finer points that once inducted to, spark a new appreciation for the sport.

If you are a casual fan, suddenly offensive runs, defensive positioning and receiver movement feel more understandable in wider gameplay, and picking the correct pass becomes clearer too. The Frostbite engine has improved graphics, with player jerseys and faces noticeably more detailed than last year’s edition. We are pleased and proud to tell you more official news and guides, visit the official website here.