The Changes Of FFXIV Patch 4.01: Two Of The MMO’s Mounts

Final Fantasy XIV the upcoming patch 4.1, it’s planned to be launch in early October. Thanks to Square Enix, more new details about what’ll change in their popular MMO, read more at here. Now it’s time to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil, with FFXIV Gil, you can buy equipments, food and potions, but you can also get your equipments repaired and enhanced.

Final Fantasy XIV

Today, Let’s Take A Full Blog, And Some Detail On These Upcoming FFXIV patch 4.1 Changes:

Will you charm your friends, or hex your enemies
At long last, Odin’s undying steed Sleipnir will take to the skies
Check out that eerie purple aura surrounding Sleipnir and the rider
Be sure to try it out when 4.1 comes out, perhaps you could pay matoya and her darling poroggo friends a visit.
This has been a popular request for quite some time, so we’re very excited to see Sleippy soaring across Hydaelyn very soon.
If you participated in All Saints’ Wake 2015, you may remember speeding around Gridania on a Witches’ Broom and casting spells while assisting the Adventurers’ Guild in the festivities.
Both Sleipnir and the Witches’ Broom are available on the Mog Station if you haven’t collected them yet. Not to mention we’re in the middle of a huge sale, so you can get both of these mounts for 30% off. If these new features tickle your fancy, I definitely recommend taking advantage of the Mega Mog Station Sale.

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