NHL 18: NHL THREES, League Expansion, The New NHL

It’s worth pointing that NHL 18’s three changes, NHL THREES, League Expansion and the New NHL. With creative gameplay and an exciting fast-paced new mode, NHL 18 is indeed a sought-after ice hockey video gameplay. However, U4GM is one of the best in-game currency & items provider, such as Cheap NHL 18 Coins, game article and guide will be updated everyday on the news page.

NHL 18

NHL THREES is a brand-new mode for NHL 18, that features fast paced gameplay that even those unfamiliar with traditional hockey games can enjoy. This mode is reminiscent of NBA Jam, as it’s more of a spectacle than a traditional sports game. A smaller rink, faster gameplay, and harder hits combine to make an addicting new mode that will suck more and more players.

League Expansion
This year, the league is expanding, including the Golden Knights. With the League Expansion happening, it was the ideal time to make it a core game feature. If you’re not interested in playing with the new Golden Knights, you also have the option of creating your own team, customizing your arena, uniform, and more.

The New NHL
NHL 18 is all about bringing the speed and skills of the younger new players into the mix. The NHL is currently in a renaissance that’s brought more speed and creativity into the sport, with young superstars who are transforming gameplay. NHL 18 aims to capture this new style of play, introducing new moves including impressive dekes and between-the-legs passes.

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