You Will Enter A Story While You Are Playing Madden 18

As we all know that Madden 18 will add one story mode to this new game, which will enhance the story of Madden 18, and improve user’s participation. Many Madden 18 fans think it is a very good update in Madden series, which make Madden more interesting.

The executive producer Of Madden 18 Seann Graddy revealed that Polygon decided to include the real team in the past after canceling other existing champions.

NFL: NFC Divisional-Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys


“Truth is very important for this story,” Graddy said, “so the Texas team in this year, in fact, is determined in our story.”

“If the University of Texas did not participate in this story, we might find another authentic Texas college football program.

“The German high school career is critical to our story, the core of high school football in Texas,” Graddy added.

“In high school and college, his career is meaningful.”

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