Healing With The Occultist Class in Revelation Online

Revelation Online is still in closed beta, but whoever has played it increasingly becoming a good grasp products the game offers. However, understandably, there are numerous questions which might be popping up now and then. One of them appears to be focused within the Occultist Class that the overall game offers.

Many are pondering whether this character can be utilized as a healer, or perhaps in this case a “main healer” or “solo healer” in the experience. As the character has the potential to heal, but doesn’t appear to be suited towards it. So, do you require the Occultist as being a healer? Or in the event you try and ensure it is something more useful?

You see, technically, the Occultist is extremely weak at the start of the experience when it comes to the healing ability. In fact, it’s more tailored to doing damage than directly healing. Now, the simple truth is you can heal in dungeons nevertheless it will be very ineffective, or without doubt, not the healing you will most probably want in those scenarios. In fact, as numerous beta tester will consent to, the Summoner is a bit more suited to healing compared to the Occultist is. As their abilities will be more spread out thereby can boost healing.

Now, this is not to say you’ll be able to’t utilize Occultist as being a healer, in truth, throughout the late game run, if you unlock tier 3 morphs, as well as getting the skillbooks, you may actually get great healing skills. But, any time it takes to get at that level could be a turnoff for many people gamers. If you’re looking for a less difficult route for healing, than characters just like the Summoner are better suited available for you, as the Occultist , as noted for the main page of the overall game, may be much more effective being a battler featuring its powerful spells.

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