Basic Principles to Win in FUT 15


Basically there are two players on FUT. There are the small minority who just want to have fun, and there are the overwhelming majority of players who want to win, because to us nothing is more fun than winning. Don’t get me wrong, we like to have fun while winning, but we do not have any fun losing.We will share some basic principles to help you win in FUT.

The handicap. 
Yes it exists.We went through various overpowered teams with almost all informs and TOTS/TOTY players including CR7: to a player who is used to winning it becomes obvious when my 99 pace Ronaldo cannot outrun Boateng. I cannot fully explain the handicap system, and I assume there are few (if any) who actually grasp the entire concept of the hows/whens/whys. In my experience it goes something like this: No IF/TOTS/TOTY cards? Almost guaranteed no handicap.* One IF/TOTS/TOTY cards? Almost guaranteed no handicap.* Once you get to two or more IF/TOTS/TOTY cards you will start to get noticably effected.

The formation.
You need to find a few that work for you. If you are (honestly) not that skilled a player yet I would hands down go with a 4-4-2. But the best idea is for you to experiment with all of them. We all have different styles and habits, and I have seen people beat me badly using formations that do not work well for me. If you’re serious about winning I’d invest 1 game, in every single formation to find which ones work best for you. When you find one that works for you it will be like in Harry Potter when he finally picks up the right wand, can’t explain it, but you’ll just know.

The players.
There are some simple rules that will help you fill out your squad correctly. Pace. You hate it, you love it, the bottom line is, you need it, at least a little bit especially on defense. GK: Pick anyone you bloody want because honestly with the exception of the top 3 (Neuer, Courtois and LLoris) any of the above 80’s will do fine, most of their performance is all in your mind and the result of your good (or poor) defending. CBs:Oh your favorite player is Sergio Ramos? I don’t give a fuck. No No No No High attacking work rate CB’s. Just say no.*(unless you are running two CDM’s, then you have permission for one high attacking workrate CB). Give me the pace. At least 75 or above. Height? 6’0 or above. Defending? 80 or above. If you have two CB’s with >75 pace and decent defending (80+) I guarantee your defense will outperform a much higher rated opposition that does not fulfill this criteria. Koscielny and Varane make a powerful and cheap pair, who are also not very highly rated.

LB/RB: I think these vary depending on the player. Are you shite on defense? Then you need a pacey LB/RB because they will help clean up your stupid mistakes. If you are more skilled I still say keep at the average of the two above 85. And keep Dani Alves off your team this year, not because I hate his stupid TOTY stealing ass, but because his pace is way too low to justify the High/Low workrates now. Even last year it was fine because he was fucking flying around being Dani Alves, but this year he’s kind of like Dani Maicon, which doesn’t work nearly as well. H/M works best, M/M is doable on one side.

Hidden Gems at each position:
LB – Eliseu
CB – Varane/ Miranda/ Koscielny
RB – De Marcos
CDM – Enzo Perez + Felipe Melo … omfg
CM – Ramires,
CAM – Mertens
LM- Gaitan
RM – Shaqiri
RW- Shaqiri
Striker – Vargas/J Martinez / Zarate

The last bit of advice is: know your players, but also know your opponent. Are they petrified of you cutting in to shoot? Fine, take it wide and cross or dribble in along the line. There will always be a weakness to your opponent’s game, find it and exploit it.Good luck guys!