How to get Free Gold Packs for FIFA 15 Mobile Players


In December 2015, EA Mobile is celebrating an incredible milestone – their two billionth mobile game download. To put that into some fun perspective, even if you were to download one game per second, 24 hours a day – it would still take you 63 years to hit this number!


As a thank you to their players, they’re giving away more than two billion free gifts across many of their most popular mobile games from December 1 through December 17, 2014.


Play any of the participating games below from the App StoreSM, Google Play or Amazon before December 17 to collect special in-game goodies, from the Ice Burrrst Rare Gem in Bejeweled? Blitz to a thumping stereo for The Sims? FreePlay or the most played FIFA mobile ever.


Let’s see what you can win in December just by playing one of these video games in your mobile device:
Madden NFL Mobile (App Store, Google Play) – Booster Pack (gold, silver, and bronze players)
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (App Store, Google Play) – Free Gold Packs (Dec. 8- 17 only)
The Sims FreePlay (App Store, Google Play) – Thumping Stereo
Bejeweled Blitz (App Store, Google Play) – Ice Burrrst Rare Gem
Monopoly Slots (App Store, Google Play) – Coins (Dec. 11-15 only)
Heroes of Dragon Age? (App Store, Google Play) – 10,000 Gold per day
Tetris Blitz (App Store, Google Play) – 10,000 Coins


The most popular mode in the FIFA franchise, FIFA Ultimate Team is at the centre of the mobile experience this season. With more than 80 per cent of FIFA 14 mobile fans playing FIFA Ultimate Team or Matches of the Week, the game is focused on combining innovative game play while enhancing the managerial experience of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mobile. To do that this season, the game comes with two modes on mobile – FIFA Ultimate Team and Matches of the Week – and brings new ways to play the game – Quick Simulation, Classic or Casual Controls, and new controller support.


If you play FIFA 15 Ultimate Team in your mobile device, don’t waste the chance to get free gold packs.Enjoy your game!