Senior exciting confrontation FIFA15

It’s been a busy week here at TSA headquarters, kicking off with Tef and the usual Destiny update. Having blitzed the game’s Vault of Glass raid time and time again, he’s finally reached level 30! As if one blockbuster shooter wasn’t enough, he’s also been sinking the hours into both Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare as well as last year’s Battlefield 4. It hasn’t all been Guardians, Exo-skeletons and gunfire, however, thanks to a spot of FIFA 15’s Pro Clubs as well as Mario Kart 8’s brand-new DLC.

Blair also took part in last night’s multiplayer stream, showing off new tracks, characters, and costumes. When not drifting and tossing shells about, he’s been spending time with this month’s leading PlayStation Plus title:

I’ve been playing a lot of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Some would say too much, probably, but they’ve clearly not played it enough to find its magic. I wrote an article about how sometimes it feels like a complete waste of time but it keeps me going back – it’s just so compelling, and every single run is different to the last. I loved the first, and while the art style in this is a bit of a let down, there’s just so much more to it and the gameplay is top notch.

Praising Mario Kart’s new tracks as “really fun and interesting” Peter was also on-hand during last night’s broadcast. That isn’t the only racing game he’s been playing this week as evidenced by his earlier review of Codemasters’ Toybox Turbos:

Arguably, Toybox Turbos starts on the back foot. Plenty of other developers on many and varied platforms have attempted to recapture the magic that Codemasters managed with their early top-down racers and nobody has quite succeeded. Many of us might expect Toybox Turbos to do better, simply because of the studio that’s making it but let’s not forget that Codemasters themselves never quite managed to recreate the winning formula that made the first couple of Micro Machines games so special.

He’s also had time to squeeze in some Elite Dangerous beta 3 though admits that even several hours of play a week is barely enough to explore just what that game has to offer.

From space-trading to treasure hunting, Dom has spent a fair amount of time playing upcoming Wii U exclusive, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker as well as PSN title, BlazeRush. Sadly, he hasn’t been able to sit down with his PlayStation 4 this week due to a faulty HDMI connector on the console. It’s not all bad news, however, presenting him with an opportunity to appreciate his Xbox One and the Master Chief Collection.

Bringing a mishmash of games to the table, Aran has been trying his hand at Shadow of Mordor, as well as Rogue Legacy, The Crew, and Valiant Hearts. He’s still enjoying his romp through Mordor, picking off the Dark Lord’s wandering horde of Orc captains. Embarking on a fantasy epic of his own, Sam has spent in excess of forty hours with Dragon Age: Inquisition. Expect our review to spill from The Rift some time next week.


Finally we have Dan who has played some Advanced Warfare alongside FIFA 15:

FIFA is really starting to frustrate me for cheap fifa 15 coins . I’m finding that the career mode AI works in patterns. After I win a few games in a row it will decide that the next game I will lose. No matter how well I play it wont let me score, with the keepers pulling off super human saves all game. Then, in the last minute, my center back who I’m not controlling will commit a foul yards off the ball and concede a penalty. Had this happen a few times. It’s quite annoying. The following game the AI difficulty will be back to normal. I guess that’s football.