A Few Tips for ArcheAge Farming

Many games will set farming system. Players can grow some crop which will benefit your energy. Furthermore, growing crops will help players to level up faster. Even though farming is not so obvious as equipment, the farming will do a certain help for your leveling. The farming system is a highlight for most players. When you grow crops, there are a few points to note.

ArcheAge Farming

When you grow crops, you do not need to consume labor force. Labor force is limited. If not necessary, do not use it. Then patience is needed when you grow crops. If the plants have not ripened, you pick them up. You will get nothing. Players only can get a certain XP. It is really a pity when it takes place. Therefore, pick up the plants when the plants get ripened.

When harvesting, you will need to consume labor force. The amount of labor force required differs from the species of planting. Therefore, before planting crops, check the value of plant consuming labor force. Or it will cause waste if you do not know the value of number. When the plants grow, do not water them.

If you grow plants outdoors, there are a few points you need know.
1. There is no relevant system hints. You may not find the place to grow.
2. Remember the place to grow and protect them. Or your fruits of labor will be stolen.

Besides, each crop has its own preferred climate requirement. Check the climate details in the bottom-right hand corner of the map. Crops in its own preferred climate will produce more and you can get more ArcheAge gold. Some zones even have two kinds of climates.

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