Runescape Heroes’ Guild

To enter the Heroes’ Guild, which is located north of Taverley , you must have done the Heroes’ Quest, which also requires the Shield of Arrav, Dragon Slayer, Merlin’s Crystal and Lost City quests.And you need plenty of RS Gold.

Ground Floor
There is nothing special on the first floor. There are trees behind the double doors (Normal Trees) and a ladder to the dungeon.

Runescape Ground Floor

Top Floor
The second floor has two main features of the Heroes’ Guild; the Dragon Weapons shop and a prayer altar. The Dragon Weapons shop, Happy Heroes’ H’emporium, sells a Dragon Battleaxe and Dragon Mace. The altar is just a standard altar, nothing special to it. These are the only things up here (unless you want to search the drawers for treasure or go up the ladders to a pattio.)

Ruenscape Top Floor

The Dungeon
There is a fair bit down here. There are Runite, Mithril and Adamantite rocks, a Blue Dragon and the Fountain of Heroes.
Map of the Heroes’ Guild dungeon.

Runescape The Dungeon

Mining area
The Runite rocks are very rare in game. If you go into the dungeon, you will find that they are not there most of the time as they are already mined out. The Mithril and Adamantite rocks are also good for mining too!

Runescape Mining area

The Blue Dragon
This is probably the best thing in the guild as it is safe Dragon Slaying. You will be lucky if the dragon hasn’t already been taken by somebody else as this is the best place to fight and get a good loot with safety.

Runescaep The Blue Dragon

The Fountain Of Heroes
This is where you get your Amulet of Glory recharged. When you get a fully charged Amulet of Glory, you can teleport to Al-Kharid, Draynor Village, Karamja and Edgeville. The Edgeville teleport is useful when Runecrafting through the abyss. Also, when you mine with the Amulet of Glory on, you have a 40% greater chance of getting gems.

The Fountain Of Runescape Heroes