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Hi, my name is lusi and I have been playing RuneScape for 2 years. My free friends would really like to play with me but they can’t always afford membership and I don’t like playing on the free world. I’m going to give my friends rs gold as gifts, which they can redeem for membership so we Cheap 07 Rs Gold can hang out together.

Hi,07 Rs Gold my name is Linda and I have been playing RuneScape for 3 years. I have a completionist cape and my levels are all maxed! I have worked very hard over my years of playing, and now I sit on a small fortune of resources, items and gold. Rather than keep spending my own money, I can now trade some of my game wealth for Bonds, redeeming them for many months of unbroken RuneScape membership without having to spend another dollar myself!


Hi, my name is Lisa and I have been a dedicated clan leader before you even launched citadels back in 2011! I run a clan of over 100, but many don’t have regular membership which fragments our group and means some of the clan get left out. We are a tight group and very much look after each other – our clan will work together using the new Bonds system to help our clan members who cannot Buy  Rs 2007  Gold afford membership. Our clan is going to be the best in the world!