RS3 Mobile Devices

RuneScape has been 12 years old, and we believe that Jagex are trying all means to let it enter another decade and another. One of the primary reasons that Jagex is eager to run RuneScape 3 on a tablet is to make it monumental.


Tablets are getting more powerful, cheaper, and more intuitive so that we are able to touch and carry a tablet wherever we want. So mobile gaming, as in tablets and smartphones, is just gaming, period. As the user we aforementioned does, an increasing number of mobile devices users seem hard to leave their smartphone or tablets in their life. Mobile versions of RuneScape obviously will boost its popularity again.

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It is easy to say the mobile devices themselves are just a smaller version of the ever-familiar PC, but indeed tablet or smartphones gaming is different from gaming on any other device. It is different in the way we interact with the game, in the way that we actually hold the tablet or touch the screen. Well, Jagex is working hard and confidently to prove that a tablet or smartphone is just as good as any other delivery system — and in many ways, it might be superior by bring RuneScape 3 into these mobile platforms at the end of the year.