How to keep runescape account safe?

1. Have a unique password that is impossible to guess!

Your runescape account password should not be used anywhere. Do not use the same password for fan sites or your e-mail or anything else. This password should not be a dictionary word and should not contain any personal information. Runescape 2007 Gold.A mixture of random letters and numbers is always best! Also remember to never share your password with anyone – not even with friends or family.

2. Make sure your computer is secure!

Install and update anti-virus software. Make full scans regularly – ideally once a day. Make sure you have all of your computer updates installed. It is also recommended that you use a browser addon to block adverts, as sometimes they can be malicious!

3. Don’t fall for phishing scams!

Phishing scams are when you receive an e-mail from someone who appears to be Jagex. They might say that you have received an infraction on your account. These e-mails are actually from scammers.

4. Use a bank PIN!

Using a PIN will protect your Runescape account in case it is compromised. If your account is accessed by someone else they will not be able to steal your items and odds are you will log in, notice that your account has been accessed, and be able to change your password/recoveries before your PIN is deleted after 7 days. Using a PIN can help save you from losing your items!

5. Keep your e-mail secure!

If you have an e-mail address registered to your RS account, make sure your e-mail is as secure as possible! Choose a different, secure password and make sure your recovery questions are set and not easily guessed or social engineered.we provides various kinds of safe and cheap runescape account as well as loads of tips for keeping the safety of runescape account you bought on our site. So you can buy runescape gold with confidence. We hope you can enjoy the safest runescape gold life.Runescape gold is essential for playing the game,That’s why we have put together some great tips for you so that you can make runescape money even faster than before!

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