Ever felt empty after reaching a big goal of yours

Ever felt empty after reaching a big goal of yours? Ever wondered: “what next?” Many people struggle with this, after reaching, for example, level 99 in a certain skill. But what if you reach 99 in every skill? What if you complete every quest, every task, literally everything there is to do? Then what? This problem is well discussed on the High-Level Forums and it’s called Post Maxing Stress. In this duology of blogs BrotherVoid1 and I will give an insight into the things that keep us playing, and, basically, what RuneScape is like when you get to where we are.

Back when I was closing in on my last 99s, I already knew what I would be doing next: going for 120 Dungeoneering and dealing with those last requirements to unlock the Completionist Cape. RuneScape 2007 Gold. However, after that landmark, there is precious little left to aim for. So I made for myself a list of fresh goals to accomplish over time whenever I had nothing else on, ranging from gradual long-term ones, things to those as soon as possible and various long-term goals.

Most being long-term XP goals. One I set myself was to get 15 million experience in each skill, itself a small increment from level 99, which did mean I would have to return to my least favourite skills – so that is the biggest reason that I decided to keep this as a long-term goal. A specific project I’m still working on in that sense is Agility. It was the second skill I maxed and as a result I have always liked it, so only after maxing out do I finally have time to pay proper attention to it. As a result I soon passed the 20 and 30 million XP milestones and the figure is still gradually increasing.

But is this the only thing I play for? Is gaining Agility ranks, passing experience milestones, and gaining virtual post-99 levels what makes me log in everyday? No. What I log in for everyday… It’s hard to describe. Maybe the thing that appeals so much to me right now is the fact that I can do whatever I want, without having to care about wasting time. RS 2007 Gold. I do some of my dailies and then make my mind up about that to do next without any sort of pressure whatsoever. Whether it be a few casual Slayer tasks, Dungeoneering floors, or Soul Wars games to try and commplete my hybrid sets. In fact if I don’t want to do anything and I can just hang out in Zchat, and talk to my friends. That is what I like about being maxed.

On the other hand, maybe it would be nice to have a big update. That I was forced to tackle in order to wear my Completionist Cape again – like a new skill. But in the end, it’s just a hate-love relationship. On the one hand I, and I know many others, have had enough of skilling, yet on the other – I crave for new content to be released, just so I have something new to do. When I started writing this blog, I was asked the following question: ‘Is RuneScape for you just a painful wait for the next good update to give you an incentive to play again?’ My answer would be no; I don’t need updates to motivate me to play. Like I said, I have plenty of things to work for already. New content, nevertheless, is always a nice distraction.