All moths appear at all all levels

All moths appear at all all levels, but your three highest level moths will appear 80% of the time. 95% of the time it will be the moths you can catch.

Good guide. However, I think you should add that checking shaking trees produces any moth that you can collect, most being your highest three moths. I also think you should add exp rates. At 70 hunter I can confirm that you can earn between 20K to 23k exp a game if you have a hunter level below 78 but above 65. For 80+ players I hear they earn 40k a game. Also, I hear that if you catch Grenwell Polar Kebbits in the private hunting ground you can earn 70k-76k a hour (assuming you have the tickets for it, provided by Link Olaran).Runescape 2007 Gold.

I say this to say that it appears one can exclusively train hunter by this D&D if they are a casual player, hate hunter in general, or can not do herblore habitat yet. All this come from the HYT chat but if you like I can see how much I earn doing Polar Kebbits in 20 mins, as I might have enough tickets. RS 2007 Gold. Lastly, you might wanna change the wording on game times. You mention a 40 minute wait but I think it might be better to say that each game start on the hour every hour and only last for 20 minutes. People might get the idea that at 2:30 another game start at 3:10, when in fact the game is half way done. Otherwise good guide.