GWD was when the game went in a downward spiral

Here’s the thing: People are so dead set on no updates that they can’t open their eyes and rationalize anything. The arguments against GWD, IMO, are pathetic.

– Godswords are overpowered
– Newsflash: Armadyl Godsword back in 2008 costed around 90 million gold hard cash. (apparently can’t post my source, so if you don’t believe me I can post it to you) So you’re gonna tell me people are gonna risk that in the wilderness on a regular basis?  runescape 2007 gold. Wouldn’t you be happy that people want to risk that, something that isn’t even that much better then someone who just goes Dharoks? Before you tell me that wouldn’t be the price in 07scape…well history tends to repeat itself and I’ll put my money down on them being no less then 70 mil minimum. Add in the fact that PvP isn’t what 07scape is all about even, it just seems dumb to hold back content that would give the game a much needed end-game content boost.

Add in the fact that Godswords are basically useless in PvM (outside of monsters like Waterfiends and certain bossing) as the whip/dscim are way better choices…

– GWD was when the game went in a downward spiral
– Agreed to an extent, Godsword were one of the first updates that started the power creep. But that’s it; one of the first updates. GWD itself wasn’t the bad update, it was the constant power creep following it. If it started and stopped with GWD everything would be fine and dandy.

– Aviansies/Dragon Boots/Zammy Spear aren’t needed!
– Aviansies is just another way of making money, just like Green Dragons, or any other camping monster. Lets take out Rune Boots! They are SO much better then Adamant Boots. Dragon is a type of armor; deal with it. As said with the above; this would be the beginning and the end of new updates.

– Go back to EOC!!RageRageRage
– Considering I haven’t even actively been on this forum since 2011 I’ll go with no. Thanks.

– You support GWD? You must want the game to be slowly updated.
– Hell to the NO. But what I do want is an update that Jagex indeed would of included had they had a full backup of it. The main goal, as far as I’m aware, of 07scape is to put the game back in the time before the Grand Exchange. I’m sure GWD was part of that plan, and it’s why it’s getting heavily discussed right now. runescape gold. Would you be mad if it was included with the launch of 07scape? No. Don’t come to me with the bullcrap you would be mad. I’ve watched this in many very active private servers, Project RS 06 comes to mind, every update past their cutoff date was branded as treason. Wanted skillcapes? Might as well go jump in a hole to hell and convince the devil to make it freeze over, that’s about how well you’re chances were on convincing anyone. Yet those same people are currently playing 07scape and enjoying it.

That’s my biggest problem, GWD is basically the cutoff date for oldschool, and people are saying it isn’t. I view GWD as the last “great update” before the game took it’s spiral to the GE and removal of free trade…

My opinion? GWD would add that last bit of spice to 07scape. Think of it as that extra dessert that you know you shouldn’t have..but it doesn’t harm you in anyway as it’s the last part of you’re meal, and damn is it sweet. With no summoning, getting used to using outdated methods, and less emphasis on camping..GWD would return to it’s former glory as one of, if not the, most enjoyable part of any RS PvMer’s career.