The first wave of beauty struck light is tear down to proud RS Gold

As a RPG page tour into a of RS Gold classic martial arts elements, what is the most important element? Of course not! Many beautiful women in RS Gold novels, the most attractive of natural sly affection for Ren Yingying, headstrong and intelligent Zhao,, the glamorous Lanfenghuang leader, several women in a drama, and want to play the “proud laugh Wild. ”

Is necessary to take advantage of a lost the evil spirits Jianpu “to link up all of the play, light tone Lolita charm young woman, your hands thing altogether will! Bird sound, month God jade bone to snow and ice for the skin, to youthful as posture, ancient that their girl to be married Xiaojiabiyu is only so pleasant. To play the “laughing rivers and lakes” heroine as much as U.S. Kinds, even the weekday three-step no apartment door also transformed lupine riffraff who deal in hand and in the rivers and lakes of the fighting. The Huamei Xiu service, languishing eyes, enough to let the paladin who Chuangdangjianghu heart waves.
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