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Daedalean Armour by Mr Daedalus

Mod James H: “This is my favourite as its well presented and I love the fact that it incorporates ancient mythology. Good job!”

Female Mercenary Outfit by Zelly

Mod Reece: “Almost renaissance in look and feel – with deadly barbed gauntlets on show.”

Abyssal Armour Design by Marikdebie

Mod John A: “I love the insect-like appearance of these and the choice of colours, but I’d be a bit worried about the female character’s legs!”

The Royal Assassin by Kaishala

Mod Mark: “This image is my personal favourite. I will be passing it over to my desert curator for future content consideration.”

Guthix Rage Set by Anonymous

Mod Tomh: “I really like the fusion of fantasy/tech with this set, kind of like a cyber-mage – awesome!”

Desert Agent by EliteZeon

Mod Dean: “Offers good protection from the desert and has the great addition of the concealed weapons. I also really like the ankh detailing.”

The Traveller by King Zare

Mod Knox: “Cool picture – love the wrist guard and fancy hat. Not sure I could pull it off though…”

Belly Tops by Squidbreath

Mod Hulme: “Excellent replicas of Daemonheim armour with superb attention to detail.”

Untitled by Fireeclipes

Untitled by Cherrycake4


Untitled by Leonive

Gypsy Aris by Winona

Untitled by Pawwwwl

Untitled by Kweetvannix

RuneFest by Zarethegreat