Vindictus Revealed Vella, the Mistress of the Seas


Little is known of this dominant mistress of the seas except that she spent most of her childhood by the ocean. She wields twin swords to quickly decimate her opponents with equally effective offensive and defensive skills. Even the strongest mercenaries struggle to equal her expertise in combat, and she will stop at nothing to vanquish every last Fomor.

Vella’s a close range fighter who can unleash a string of deadly attacks at blinding speeds. She’s capable of dealing damage even while dodging attackers in a serious display of agility. If she ever finds herself outmatched, she can use the Slipaway skill to escape and regroup for the next attack, and if she’s feeling lonely, she can pull enemies closer with her Typhoon Slash skill that culminates in a powerful area of effect attack.  Victims of her blade fall left and right as she slashes her way through enemy territory all while looking as lovely and composed as can be.

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